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JUNIOR ARTIST (6.5- 8 Yrs)

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This program takes the fundaments & interests from the seeding program and helps the students to raise and improve their technical skills. This program is a bridge between the Seeding program and Blooming Artist Program. We aim to build the foundation skills across all mediums for our students through this programme, including the ability to think and create independently. The program focuses on enhancing our student's artistic abilities and technical skills focusing on a variety of subjects, creating balanced compositions, learning fundamental techniques of drawing and painting, developing observation skills and applying them in their artwork, understanding the concept of foreground, mid-ground and background, knowing colour theory, conceptualisation skills and also guiding them in their journey to become an artist.

Age: 6.5-8.5 Years  

1:6 Teacher, student ratio.

Mediums: Watercolour, colour pencils, acrylic, charcoal, clay, mixed media, oil pastels and soft pastels.

Program Term Fees (4 sessions in a month):
1 hour: $165
2 hours: $205

Registration Fees: (Non refundable)
$40 Inclusive of materials

Rescheduling: Advance notice of 1 week is required to cancel. Accommodation in future classes will be made subject to availability. 

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