Collection: Arty Party

Organise and Plan an Enjoyable ARTY PARTY With us at our venue or yours.

We Shine Arts Studios are renowned for organising an engaging birthday celebration activity in Singapore, presenting a diverse selection of art sessions tailored to various interests.

Comprehensive and Affordable Packages Available

Recognized as an economical birthday party venue in Singapore, We provide inclusive packages. These encompass expert guidance, high-quality art materials, and delightful goody bags (upon request), ensuring a seamless and enjoyable party experience for all attendees.

Customizable Celebrations also available

Acknowledging the uniqueness of each child's birthday, we offer flexibility within our party packages. This allows you to customize the experience according to your specific requirements, making SHINE ARTS STUDIO a top destination for personalized birthday parties in Singapore.

Minimum of 5 participants

For any inquiries or to book your celebration, please contact us at (65) 89515697